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Agricultural Ball Bearings, 205KRRB2(HPS014GP,JD9260,195293C,7A95,17A80)

Special Agricultural Bearings 205KRRB2(HPS014GP,JD9260,195293C,7A95,17A80) are our regular products. and we make over 20000pcs each month. Good quality and Low manufacture cost , So our customer can gain a healthy profits.If you are interested in 205KRRB2 , please contact us freely, our quality is very well.

5203KYY2 Agricultural Ball Bearings ■ Description: Exact OEM Replacement Ball Bearing
■Hex Bore: Hex Shaft, 0.875"(22.225mm); Hex, 0.876"(22.250mm)
■ Overall Length: 1.00"(25.40mm)
■ Length of Body : 0.5910"(15.000mm)
■ Outerside Diameter: 2.0472"(52.00mm)
■ Seal Type: R Seal,
■ Replaces: 205KRRB2(HPS014GP,JD9260,195293C,7A95,17A80)

205KRRB2 SECTION VIEW205KRRB2 Agricultural Ball Bearings