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Bearing Application

Personal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type) BearingsPersonal Computers (Desk top type/Note book type)

Printers BearingsPrinters

Copy machines BearingsCopy machines

Video cameras BearingsVideo cameras

Air conditioners BearingsAir conditioners

ATM BearingsATM

Vacuum cleaner BearingsVacuum cleaner

Fishing reel BearingsFishing reel

Power tool BearingsPower tool

High and low speed handpiece turbines (bearings for dental handpiece repairs)

YCTOO precision bearings manufactures super precision dental bearings for high speed handpiece turbines. and for more than 20 brands of handpieces like Bien Air, KaVo, NSK, Midwest, Star, W&H etc.

Miniature Ball Bearings for Small Motors

Miniature ball bearings are made up of balls, an outer ring, and an inner ring, along with retainers, snap rings and shields. When used in small motors, they allow the parts of the motor to run smoothly without interfering with one another. While these bearings can vary in size, miniature ball bearings are appropriate for motors that are particularly small due to space considerations in the machine they are part of, making small size a premium. It is of utmost importance that you obtain ball bearings that are small enough to fit your small motors, but that provide the same precision and quality that you might find in a larger ball bearing.

for quality when it comes to motors and ball bearings means you won't waste time worrying about your machines when you use yctoo. The yctoo name is known for providing the ultimate in speed, precision, reliability, and efficiency. YCTOO ball bearings last longer and work better than other brands. Whatever you need miniature ball bearings for small motors for, whether it's a CD-ROM drive, a dialysis machine, a letter sorting machine, toys, robots, or any of the other myriad of machines that use small motors and ball bearings, you can assemble and run your machines with the utmost confidence when using Yctoo ball bearings.

YCTOO miniature bearings can be supplied with a range of special lubricants in standard or low vibration grade as wiper motors bearings, alternator bearings, steering system bearings etc.

Domestic Appliance Bearings

Low noise bearings or electric motor bearings (EMQ grade bearings) can be supplied for use i many different domestic appliances such as vacuum cleaners, food mixers or washing machines.

Electric Motor Bearings

YCTOO Low noise bearings (EMQ or V2), extra low noise bearings (EMQ2 or V3) and Quieter nosie bearings(EMQ3 or V4) can be supplied for noise or vibration critical applications. These include miniature motors such as hard disk drive motors, servo motors, encoders, vcr capstan motors, vcr drum spindles and polygonal mirror scanner motors.

Instrument Bearings

YCTOO also supply many sizes of high precision instrument bearings for use in small measuring instruments.

Vacuum Bearings

YCTOO supply high speed bearings for vacuum applications

Skate Bearings

YCTOO Roller skate bearings, skateboard bearings and in-line skate bearings are available with low noise and easy rotation. These are all noise and vibration tested and we offer these with steel balls or ceramic balls and also stock a stainless steel version etc.

Windows and door bearings

YCTOO also suppy all windows, shower door, slide door bearings with plastic roller.